Enemy Datafile - Stigmartus

Of all the forces standing in opposition to the Acheros Salient, none are more belligerent or numerous than the degenerate armies of the Stigmartus. Composed of renegades, cultists, rogue psykers, mutants, and madmen, the Stigmartus represent the greatest single military threat to the success of the Salient. Despite their disparate makeup, the forces of the Stigmartus display a level of military organisation and tactical acumen rarely seen among the servants of Chaos.

On the battlefields of the Acheros Salient, the legions of the Stigmartus are unmistakable; mutants, humans, and psykers marching together, their flesh scarred by old wounds and the ritual brandings of their masters. Despite their seemingly random composition, units of the Stigmartus display a surprising level of battlefield co-ordination uncommon among the lost souls who fight under the banner of heresy. Their ordered ranks, tight formations, and ability carry out complex battlefield strategies comes as a shock to most Imperial military personnel, especially those levied from the Calixis Sector accustomed to the disorganised and riotous assaults of the Pilgrims of Hayte. Those Imperial commanders who doubt the organisational effectiveness of the Stigmartus do not live long enough to regret their mistake.

The key to Stigmartus military discipline lies within its cult-like structure. Indeed, the further up the chain of command one looks, the less the Stigmartus resembles a corrupted version of the Imperial Guard and the more it resembles a dark reflection of the Ecclesiarchy. Rank and file soldiers are indoctrinated to look upon their commanders as warrior-priests, who in turn worship their superiors as saints. As Stigmartus soldiers rise in rank and experience they are indoctrinated into the deeper mysteries of the warrior cult, their flesh branded in jagged scars of rank and devotion, their souls lost to a twisted creed that offers divinity through warfare. Every foe slain in battle is looked upon as a sacrifice, a blood offering sent up the chain of command to Elak Sarda, the cult-general whom the Stigmartus claim as their master and god.

Rank and File Stigmartus (Trooper) Formation

WS 25, BS 20, S 30, T 40, Ag 30, Int 20, Per 30, WP 40, Fel 15

Armour: Flak Armour (All 4) + Tb4 = 8.

Movement: 3/6/9/18
Unit Strength: 6; Commanded by an Officer-Bishop (Elite), sometimes accompanied by a pair of Stigmartus Zealot (4d10+3; Blast 3, Flame).

Skills: Awareness (Per), Climb (S), Common Lore (War) (Int), Dodge (Ag), Forbidden Lore (Stigmartus) (Int), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Survival (Int), Swim (S).
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Las, SP), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (Las, SP), Hatred (Imperial Guard), Thrown Weapon Training (Universal).
Traits: Mutant (1), also gains Fearless as long as the Officer-Bishop is in command of the formation.

Weapon: Samech-pattern Twin Lasgun (Basic; 200m; S/2/—; 1d10+1E; Pen 0; Clip 20; Full; Unreliable, Unpredictable [+1 degree of success or +2 degrees of failure])

Formation Commands

Accept These Wretched Souls!
Action: Full
Subtype: Concentration
Description: After striking down a worthy foe, the Overseer begins to hack apart his hapless minions, spilling their blood to release their souls to the Ruinous Ones.
As a part of this Command, after killing a particularly deadly enemy (or forcing a Player Character to burn a Fate Point), the Overseer slaughters up to 5 of the Underlings in his Formation and makes a Very Hard (–30) Willpower Test with a +10 bonus for each Underling he sacrificed. If he succeeds, he rolls once on Table 3–1: Rewards of chaos.

Sanity is for the Weak
Effect: For the faithful, there is little more terrifying than witnessing the depravity of those who have given themselves over completely to the Ruinous Powers.
The first time a loyal member of the Imperium (or sane individual) perceives a Chaos Formation during a Combat Encounter, he must make an Easy (+30) Willpower Test with a penalty equal to 5 times the Unit Strength of the Formation. If he fails, he suffers a –10 on Tests until the end of his next Turn. If he fails by 3 or more Degrees of Failure, he suffers 1 Willpower Damage and suffers a –20 on Tests until the end of his next Turn instead. Talents that provide a bonus to resisting the effects of Fear also apply to this Test. A character only makes this Test once per Combat Encounter, even if he fights multiple Chaos Formations.

Suppressing Fire
Action: Full
Subtype: Attack, Ranged
Description: The Formation makes a Difficult (–10) Ballistic Skill Test with a bonus equal to 5 times its Unit Strength. For every Degree of Success it scores on the Test, one foe within range must make a Challenging (+0) Pinning Test with a penalty equal to 5 times the Unit Strength of the Formation. Additionally, for every three Degrees of Success that the Formation scores on its Ballistic Skill Test, it inflicts one hit with its Primary Ranged Weapon on a target within range.

Volley Fire
Action: Half
Subtype: Attack, Ranged
Description: The Formation makes a Challenging (+0) Ballistic Skill Test with a bonus equal to 5 times its Unit Strength. For every Degree of Success it scores, it inflicts one hit on a single target within range with its Primary Ranged Weapon (divided between targets as the GM chooses). It can score up to a maximum number of hits equal to the number of Underlings in the Formation within Range and line of sight to fire their Primary Ranged Weapons upon at least one target this way.
Any member of the Formation with divergent equipment (such as the Overseer, or Special Weapon Troops, as described on page 125) may make an appropriate Half Action Ranged Attack Action as a part of this Command.

Officer Bishop

WS 40; BS 45; S 37; T 40; Ag 39; Int 30; Per 28; WP 38; Fel 40

Armour: Xenoleather Officer’s Coat (Arms 3, Body 3, Legs 3).
Movement: 3/6/9/18
Wounds: 30
Skills: Awareness (Per), Climb (S), Command (Fel) +20, Common Lore (War) (Int) +20, Dodge (Ag), Evaluate (Int), Forbidden Lore (Stigmartus, Jericho Reach) (Int) +10, Intimidate (S) +10, Literacy (Int), Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Unholy Tongue) (Int), Swim (S), Tactics (Int).
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Las, SP), Melee Weapon Training (Chain, Power, Primitive), Pistol Training (Las, SP), Air of Authority, Unshakeable Faith.

Weapons: Samech Pattern Chainsword (1d10+6 R; Pen 4; Razor Sharp, Tearing),
Compact Laspistol (15; S/–/–; 1d10+1 E; Clip 15; Reload Full; Reliable).
Stigmartus Officer’s Lash (3m; 1d5+6 R; Pen 0; Flexible, Tearing, Primitive).

Gear: Data-slate, personal encrypted comm-link, ritual scarification implements.
Special Rules
Overseer: The Stigmartus Officer-Bishop can give take personal command of a Formation. If he does so, the Officer-Bishop may grant the Formation Fearless Trait; this requires the Officer-Bishop to succeed at a Challenging (+0) Command Test.

Enemy Datafile - Stigmartus

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