WS:43 BS:32 S:35 T:31 Ag:26 Int:33 Per:36 WP:36 Fel:50

4 ap body 5 ap head
max carry weight: 36 actual carry weight 28.5
movement 2/4/6/12
wounds 12

Elite advance: margin crusade veteran.

skills: awareness, charm, command, common lore: tech, adeptus mechanicus. Linguistics: tech lingu, low gothic. logic , navigate (surface) parry, scholastic lore: tactica imperialis. survival, tech-use.

talents: technical knock, peer (adeptus mechanicus and imperial guard), nerves of steel, resistance fear, Air of Authority, weapon training (las,chain,low-tech), jaded.

Best quality bionic arm (left), common vid relay, cranial armour, rebreather, refractor field, subdermal cognomen tag, combi-tool, data slate,imperial guard flak armour, knife, basic tools, entrenching tool, rations 2 weeks, 2 frags, 2 photon, 4 charge packs (carbine), 2 las pistol charge packs.

weapons: chainsword: melee, damage: 1d10+2 pen 2 qualities tearing,balanced
las pistol: class:pistol, damage 1d10+2 pen:0 range:30m rof: single, clip:30 reload:half, special rules: reliable
las carbine class:basic damage 1d10+3 pen:0 range:75 Rof:s/2/- clip:60 reload: half, special rules: reliable

Age: 30
Description: working on it.
Distinguishing Marks:
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: brown
Height: 6’4 feet
Weight: 90 kg



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