Stigmartus Samech-pattern Siege Walker

Bizarre titan sized warmachine


WS 44, BS 45, S 50, T 48, Ag 65, Int 24, Per 40, WP 66
Move: 16/32/48/96
Armor: Front 42, Side 30, Rear 26
Carrying Capacity: 48 Stigmartus Troopers, and 4 Officer Bishops
Skills: Deceive 10, Intimidate +10
Structural Integrity/Wounds: 60
Traits: Auto-Stabilized, Daemonforged, Daemon Engine (12), Fear (3), Machine (26), Multiple Arms (8), Quadruped (
4), Sensory Overload (2), Size (10), Sturdy, Super Heavy, Unnatural Strength (6), Void Shield.
Special: +60 to attack the siege walker, -60 from Stealth its checks, and x5 melee attacks per round.
Void Shield: To disable a void shield, attacks must deal 20 damage past the 60 Protection Rating. This damage is cumulative (to represent the void shield) slowly overloading, but a weapon’s Penetration has no effect on a void shield. Attacks from within the 5 meter projection distance ignore the void shields and directly affect the Siege Walker.

Additionally, the Siege Walkers legs extend outside its Void Shield and can be targeted normally, they each have 30 armor. Further sanctified and psychic attacks ignore 12 points of the machine’s armor as it is granted from the Daemon Engine trait.

Eight Hellslicer talon tipped legs (Melee; 3d10+11 R; Pen 6; Razor Sharp; 30 AP, 8 Wounds)
Clarion Sonic Wave Bell (Front/Sides/Rear; Range 100m; Heavy; S/–/–; 6d10E; Clip –; Reload –; Concussive (2), Devastating (5), Melta, Overheats (86+), Recharge, and Spray)
Double-barrelled Turbo-laser Destructor: (Facing Front; Range 1000m; Heavy, S/–/–, 4d10+30 E, Pen 20, Clip —, Reload —, Blast 8, Felling 2, Recharge, Twin-linked)


Stigmartus Samech-pattern Siege Walker

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