The “Margin” Crusade

The Adeptus Ministorum already had a sizable presence on the arid world of Turanshush when it was ceded to the Adeptus Mechanicus, but rather than starting a conflict with the fiery priests of the Ecclesiarchy, the High Fabricator al-Sham Zumurrud chose to embrace them, encouraging cooperation with the clerics. Since then, relations between the Forge world and the Ministorum enclave have been amicable if occasionally strained, especially when the clerics quietly convince another menial to break his vows to the Omnissiah and convert to the worship of the God-Emperor.

Rather than replace Isolated by Machines with some other lesser drawback I’ve created an elite advance open only to Forge worlders from Turanshush. Check it out over on the character creation thread. Its called Omnissian Apostate. And just so I don’t gyp you how about any of you take an Arabian or Egyptian sounding character name will also get Resistance (Heat). How does that sound?

Lead by Colonel Hypatia “She Cat” Heket, an ancient and severe fully augmented female skittarii Praetorian Tribune with a fearsome and commanding presence and an artistically sculpted fully armored body. Harsh with her subordinates and peers and coldly merciless to her enemies Hypatia Heket is well past her third century of life in service to the Omnissiah as a member of the Calixis Mechanicus Crimson Guard. There are rumors that she once served the Legio Castra, the Titan legion that was completely destroyed during the War of Brass, but its simply inconceivable. She is also well known as a cantankerous practical joker, with a bitter laugh who enjoyed frightening many Turanshushi tech-priests back home.

Colonel Heket has a reputation for leading from the front and can be relied on to accompany advances in the field. When she deigns to lead from the front her subordinates temporarily gain immunity to Fear and Pinning as long as she is uninjured (full wounds). Unlike many senior officers in the Calixican Crimson Guard, Hypatia has never undergone the Rite of Pure Thought and openly revels in the opportunity to face new challenges, considering new enemy battle tactics as exciting puzzles to be solved. Her resolve grows greater when faced with Chaos Hereteks, especially looking forward to encountering and defeating the minions of the Dark Mechanicus. Heket counsels her subordinates to draw strength in their faith in the Omnissiah and the chance that He offers to discover a novel way to out think and out maneuver the Enemies of Man.

Nobody in the regiment knows why the Colonel elected to abandon her post as the senior Subsector Secutorii of the Markayn Marches and return to front line duty and take command of the CCCXXIII Hyspasists Crimson Guard heavy siege infantry regiment that had been assigned to fight in the Margin Crusade out beyond the Halo Stars in the Koronus Expanse.

Please Note Due to the secretive nature of the Achilius Crusade, knowledge of where the Crusade is actually taking place is CLASSIFIED, with only the most senior members of High Command as well as Astropaths and Navigators privy to that knowledge.

Only War the Margin Crusade